Reach us at info@shoutoutsaugerties.org and someone will respond promptly


Suzanne Bennett, Chair
Susana Meyer, Co-Chair, Photography
Jeremy Russell, Web and Promotion


Suzanne Balsamo
Robert P. Langdon
Charles Potter
Joan Reinmuth
Peter Vinogradov
October is National Arts and Humanities month and to coincide with this national celebration, Shout Out Saugerties is producing and promoting events in the village throughout the month. The festival aims to work on two levels: to recognize the town's artistic and scholarly resources historically and currently - to Shout Them Out - but also to connect creativity with economy and well being in the community.  
Knowledge and imagination serve as tools that produce creative, communal solutions to environmental and personal stresses and human rights imbalances. Shout Out Saugerties is providing a framework to come together to celebrate human and natural resources and muse on the future of the community.
Shout Out Saugerties is a limited partner of Saugerties Hudson River Partnership, Inc. Tax-deductible donations can be made Saugerties Hudson River Partnership, Inc.
Thanks to Beth Loven, for creating the logo, Nancy Campbell for photographs of her paintings, and to Chester Hartwell for images from his postcard collection.